One Word Editing

& Content Editing


So you’ve finally finished your manuscript. You’ve put in blood, sweat, and tears and now you are ready for the world to see. But even though it’s finished, it’s still not quite as polished as it needs to be.

This is where I come in.

After producing and creating your material, editing is the most important step in making your words ready for the world to see.

I edit your text to make sure make sure your manuscript, article, or dissertation shines and communicates in the best possible way.

Copy editing includes grammar, punctuation, spelling corrections, readability, overall flow of your text, etc. Content editing (also called developmental or substantive editing) goes a step further and reviews the overall body of your text making sure it communicates thoroughly to your intended audience, and is void of inconsistencies. 

I work with each client, creating a custom editing experience to meet your particular needs, working with you towards a beautiful finished product. My job is to preserve your own unique voice, while making it look like I was never there. 

Even famous writers have editors who fine tune and draw out what their text is meaning so it communicates in a clear and compelling way. Your editor is that objective eye whose only goal is to make your manuscript read as strong as possible in your best possible voice; a voice that only you will have.


Creative Coaching


Do you have a creative project you want to do but don't know where to start?

Have you starting writing that story you know you have inside you, but are stuck in the middle, not sure what to do next?

Maybe you've finished something but it's been sitting in that drawer or on that shelf gathering dust but you know it's meant for the world to see.

Creative coaching can help you find the next steps, no matter where you are on the journey, helping you find those next steps to eventually reach your destination. 






More details coming soon.